After saying good-night together, Seiji turned-off the sunshine within the family area and returned to his bed.

After saying good-night together, Seiji turned-off the sunshine within the family area and returned to his bed.

“Harano onii-chan, something special available!”

When he gone back to his own room, the guy experience Reo moving down and passing your a small keepsake container.

“Thanks a lot.” Seiji cheerfully established and started it up.

The current would be a tiny whole milk product rabbit mascot from sweetie sweets female . It absolutely was connected to a series, and was an appropriate length to become hung on his mobile phone or his work desk as a decoration.

“i like this, it’s really adorable,” he or she shared with her sincerely.

The small woman smiled cutely.

After carefully storing the small rabbit doll, Seiji switched off the lights and decided to go to sleep.

He then inserted Reo’s spirit sphere.

He or she started their process and analyzed his or her [Gifts] alternative and observed that he got gotten most benefits from Shika’s, Mika’s, and Reo’s items.

After carefully checking all his incentive objects, he experienced the a lot of specific one among them would be –

[complimentary abilities usage card], acquired from Shika’s souvenir.

Due to this one-time-use credit, he would use any skill of his own without spending a dime to him or her, without using some of his own fuel or Mana, and dismissing any use restrictions like wide range of period the man can use they in one day. Like, [lamp within the Brink], that had been best workable one time everyday, even if he used it after already, he or she can use it once again about the same time applying this card!

The guy received an [hidden attack card] from Mika’s offer.

This one-time-use credit allows him or her become absolutely undetectable until they handled some lifestyle animal or people. This problem might be kept for at the most 2 minutes, and yes it was actually easy for people that have a really high standard of [Astral dream] to read your. If he attacked any such thing lifestyle while under this invisibility impact, their combat’s electric power was twofold, in which he might possibly be expose afterwards.

This is fundamentally a traditional formula some assassin applications like “stealth” and “backstab!”

This individual gotten a [Damage-canceling safety cards] from Reo’s keepsake.

Because of this one-time-card will allow him to bar any one attack coming at him and receive zero scratches from using it.

He had best three words to describe it: life-saving credit! This individual could surely act pretentiously applying this to bar some foe’s final technique.

As well as these three playing cards, the remaining are some stat-raising business along with things that experienced less than stunning issues.

Seiji gratefully accepted all their emotions.

He or she straight away utilized many of the stat-raising poster he’d got, which improved his own [Art], [Charisma], and [Spiritual electric power] statistics correspondingly.

Next, they closed his own method and begun to training cultivation.

After they accomplished the advancement obligations and paid the desired areas, Seiji taught [Beginner-level Healing].

Seiji well rested long, he then utilized the same exact way of jumping-off the ladder to depart Reo’s spirit sphere.

As he woke up, the man have all the way up lightly in order to perhaps not wake up Reo, obtained out of bed, put-on his own jacket, and went off their place.

The guy strolled up to the lounge, and found out that Chiaki was not there!

Front side home is open.

Seiji stepped outside to see the silver-haired luxury standing up outside, quietly monitoring the night air together with her borrowed pads quilt addressing them arms.

The accumulated snow got halted dropping nowadays, and also the moon got appeared. It has been illuminating almost everything with a gentle gold spark.

Under this color moon, a silver-haired female ended up being looking up in the heavens… this stage looked spectacular and poetic to Seiji.

The man wandered to their area, and gently looked over the night time air and their.

After a moment of silence.

“your discovered myself,” Chiaki believed softly. “i did not rest alongside Mika, because I sensed that I would personally be incapable of sleep tonight. I should posses came back room, but I really failed to wanna get back… thus I could best bother you tonight. Well, used to do wish to discover what it really decided to fall asleep on tatami rugs by a kotatsu ‘s back nicely… at any rate, I became just being willful. Excuse me for virtually any worry I may need triggered a person.”

Seiji appeared towards the lady.

“i did not detect such a thing particularly, and was simply allowing you to does as you pleased. I was released in the evening to evaluate you because I was stressed if you become chilly. I know to become some willful occasionally, and it is desisingles online quality. Basically believed that you used to be expressing anything irrational, I’d reply to they. Basically believed that you had been doing things irrational, I’d stop you with my metal fists of justice. And also on another fingers, provided that Need to assume it is some thing ridiculous, let me work to you, or help you, or accompany one.”

Seiji smiled softly. “very, for this reason you mustn’t apologize, nor reduce your self excess in loneliness… The term of women result from a disaster journey shouldn’t suit your style whatsoever, Chiaki.”

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