Dennis Rodman romance timeline: Whatever we be aware of famous matchmaking record, from Carmen Electra to marriage

Dennis Rodman romance timeline: Whatever we be aware of famous matchmaking record, from Carmen Electra to marriage

Women like Painful Sons, seemingly.

Dennis Rodman of 1980s “awful young men” Pistons popularity and consequent Chicago Bulls tournament star has come in the general public microscope just recently because of their story being told in ESPN’s “The Last Dance.” Two shows associated with the docuseries concentrated on Rodman’s on-the-court prowess and off-the-court tricks with reinvigorated desire for Rodman’s aptitude regarding panels — both those on a court and on a bedframe.

Ah, yes, different relations of “The Worm” have-been openly dissected and have now confused most in recent times. One’s heart wishes just what the heart need, individuals, and that’s that.

Nonetheless, Rodman’s legacy the spine documents of newspaper publishers and Page Six of tabloids posses told anyone of his considerable high-profile internet dating lives. Some gossips debunked below, some increased and verified, this is who Rodman was combined with over time:

Annie Bakes

A long time: c. 1987 to 1992

Rodman hitched his first girlfriend, Annie Bakes, in September of 1991. Both have met in a club in later ’80s and had come with each other roughly 5yrs before tying the knot.

By December of these 1992, wedding ceremony experienced damaged, as well as their divorce process ended up being completed in 1993. With Bakes, Rodman received his first son or daughter, Alexis, born in 1988.


Whilst the information on the capability pair’s commitment were dirty, it has been affirmed by your “personification of pop music” that this hoe and Rodman received a two-month affair in 1995 during Rodman’s time by using the Spurs. Per ESPN’s “the very last dancing,” Madonna experienced Rodman ended up being “attractive,” and several feeling Madonna trained Rodman are her very own person.

Rodman hasn’t ever recently been anyone to avoid the majority of things, with his affair with Madonna with the center. Rodman is upfront in expressing he or she didn’t a lot care for the singer or the girl musical, even had gone as considerably to express as Madonna had been eager having a child with him, at one-point providing $20 million to support Rodman’s youngster.

Unfortunate, because “RodMadonna” are a fairly decent few name.

Toni Braxton

The hubbub associated with the singer in addition to the hoops star concerned prominence in 1996, whenever Rodman and Braxton had been noticed together at the 1996 MTV video clip Audio Awards. Nevertheless could possibly be unjust organizing this under “relationship,” for the singer not too long ago declined the pair comprise an official item.

IEven though @dennisrodman is kinda horny during the 1990s, We never ever outdated Dennis Rodman. We were inside the VMAs. #TheLastDance

— Toni Braxton (@tonibraxton) April 27, 2020

Carmen Electra

Decades: 1998 to 1999

Possibly most famous with the Rodman interaction, Rodman’s stint with the well known version and celebrity centered around alcoholic beverages, Las Vegas and, it seems that, copious amounts of love-making. The two’s commitment am in depth in Episode 4 of ESPN’s “the final party,” which chronicles the Jordan-era Chicago Bulls dynasty belonging to the ’90s.

The documentary outlined a passionate weekend break escape in Sin City that converted into an unapproved, very long lack from your 1997-1998 Bulls, resulting in jordan splitting up the event as he turned up at Rodman and Electra’s accommodation.

On the exterior hunting in, partnership within two was considerably saccharine than it actually was true love, as Electra intricate the unrestrained drinks and, erm, connections within two during the time.

“It was absolutely a work-related hazard to be Dennis’ gf,” Electra stated during “The Last party.” “He was wild.”

Famously, in December of 1998, Rodman and Electra partnered in Sin City. In March 1999, Electra filed for separation, finish an “era.” Of some type.

Michelle Moyer

Rodman came across Moyer in 1999 along with two comprise partnered in 2003, on Rodman’s 42nd birthday. Moyer may be the mummy of a couple of Rodman’s three girls and boys, Dennis Jr. and Trinity.

Moyer recorded for divorce proceedings in 2004, and after years of trying to reconcile, the breakup am finished in 2012.

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