How to Bet on Horse Racing: Tips, Strategies, Best Bookmakers

How to Bet on Horse Racing: Tips, Strategies, Best Bookmakers

Register on the official website 1win and get a promo code for a deposit. If we compiled the top sports in terms of “nobility”, then the disciplines with the participation of horses would definitely find a place in the top 10. Horse racing has long been a cultural subject in many countries. This is especially true of the western world. And horse racing is what massive sports betting started with. And although Russia does not have such a horse racing culture as Britain, there is still a certain interest in horse racing. Therefore, BET has prepared a detailed guide for you. Horses participate in competitions of various levels, including horse races – that is, “races”. There are also technical disciplines like show jumping. All characteristics and capabilities of horses are most often divided by breed, from which the training process is based. Tournaments are held on tracks with turf or earthen. The competition is held for several days with a duration of races of about two minutes, between which breaks are required. Royal Ascot (first tournament held in 1711 by Queen Anne Stuart. World Cup in Dubai – to take part in it, you need to pay a fee of 60 thousand dollars.

Horses are weighed before the start. Ten minutes before the start, couples appear at the racetrack, with jockeys leading the horses so that they fall into the field of view of the audience. Further, the participants are accommodated in stalls, where the start will take place. The first horse to touch the finish line wins. There are four prizes in the races, the first four horses must be re-weighed. In case of loss of a horse during the race more than 300 grams, the result is canceled. Disqualification is used if the horse collided with another during the race, or behaves inappropriately, and the jockey could not influence the situation, and also if the rider himself took dangerous actions that prevented the opponent’s victory. Flat race. The strategy that the rider and his team choose for the race is important here. Even if the horse is the fastest of all the participants, it may not become the winner if the opponents have correctly distributed the forces over the entire distance. The hippodrome for this type of horse race is made in a round shape with a length of 1200 to 2400 meters.

Horses older than three years old can participate. Barrier jumps. At a distance of two to three kilometers, there are special barriers in the form of hurdles, as well as wicker fences. Steeplechase. For races, a distance of two to four kilometers is prepared in the form of a circle, only horses over four years old take part. On the treadmill, fixed obstacles are fixed, for which there are also limitations. They cannot exceed one and a half meters in height, and six meters in width. Barriers are usually presented in the form of stone walls, hedges, ditches and ditches are prepared that can be filled with water. Betting on horse races, as in any other sport, has its own peculiarities. Win (Exodus). From the name it is clear that we are talking about who will win. However, you can also play on the outsider, that is, it is a bet that the horse will definitely not win the race. Of course, there is no need to think about large coefficients in this case. Place. We are again betting on the favorite, but in this case it is enough for us that the horse is in the prizes.

If eight horses take part in the race, then the first or second place will suit us, and if there are more than fourteen horses, then the number of winners doubles. Double. The player must guess the two horses that will win two different races. Double double (quartet). It differs from the standard take in that you need to guess not two victors, but four. Exacta (exact location). Bettor needs to guess who will come running to the finish line first and second, respectively. These are the main (and far from all) types of bets. As for the bets on horse racing in Russia, the situation here is not very rosy. After the update of gambling law 244 F-3 in 2020, legal bookmakers removed horse racing and any races from their lines. Here’s what it means: legally betting on horse races in Russia is possible only at hippodromes. If you don’t believe, then check the BC line. For example, here is a list of categories in “1xBet”. You will not find races in other legal offices. At one time, 1WIN was an exception for which they got from competitors.

Had to take the races out of the line. So if you want to bet online, you will need foreign bookmakers. Of these, the best in the direction of the jump are Betfair, William Hill, Ladbrokes, Coral. Horse racing betting has attracted many people’s attention, and as a result, cappers have developed several strategies. Which racing strategy to choose is up to you. The player must analyze the results of those races that were previously and highlight obvious favorites in them. In the event that the winner performs consistently throughout the season or has received a decent amount of time to rest, then it makes sense to bet on the favorite. As we said earlier, you can choose a safer option by placing a place bet. Here we again have to analyze the results and find the horse that was close to success in the previous race, taking the second or third position. If the jockey remains the same, then he will understand the horse much better, therefore, the chances of winning become greater. And again statistics are involved. We need to find a horse that has consistently produced good results, but for some reason, in the last races, it was among the underdogs.

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