Install multiple Odoo circumstances on a single device

Install multiple Odoo circumstances on a single device

In this tutorial, we’re going to explain, just how to install multiple Odoo circumstances for a passing fancy Ubuntu 16.04, making use of a python environment that is virtual. This guide should work with other Linux VPS systems also but had been written and tested for an Ubuntu 16.04 VPS.

Dining table of articles

1. Get on your VPS via SSH

2. Update the machine and install all packages that are necessary

3. Install PostgreSQL

Installing PostgreSQL with apt is fast and simple:

4. Create Odoo users

We will install two Odoo instances, Odoo variation 10 and Odoo variation 9. to generate system users for both instances operate:

Create PostgreSQL database users, odoo10 and odoo9:

5. Install Odoo

First, we shall install Odoo variation 10. to change to user odoo10 run:

Clone the Odoo 10.0 branch from github:

Create python digital environment and install all demands:

Switch back your individual:

To set up Odoo version 9, change to individual odoo9:

Clone the Odoo 9.0 branch from github:

Create python digital environment and install all demands:

Switch back your user:

6. Configure Odoo

We shall configure Odoo 10 to pay attention on slot 8010 and Odoo 9 to port 8009 and set the master admin password. You may want to set the ports figures in accordance with your taste.

Create SystemD scripts:

7. Last actions

Enable both Odoo instances to begin on boot:

To start out both Odoo 10 and Odoo 9 circumstances, run:

Now you can access your Odoo 10 installation at http://your_ip_address:8010 and Odoo 9 installation at http://your_ip_address:8009 .

That’s it. You’ve got effectively set up both Odoo variation 10 and variation 9 on the Ubuntu VPS. Now start your web browser, kind the target of one’s installation and produce a database and admin individual. To find out more on how to manage your Odoo installation, please make reference to the Odoo paperwork. If you would like make your Odoo faster, always check our guide on the best way to increase Odoo

Of program you don’t need certainly to install multiple Odoo circumstances in one device, if you are using certainly one of our Odoo VPS Hosting solutions, then you can easily ask our specialist Linux admins to create this for you personally. They have been available 24×7 and can look after your request straight away.

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Many Thanks! Your guide had been quite great for me personally.

Nonetheless, on installation, I’m getting an error”Database creation mistake: Access denied” in every circumstances, also when working with ‘admin’ as the Master password.

Just what will be the problem?

Please closely proceed with the directions. You shouldn’t have any issues with your database if you do everything as described in our tutorial.

Hi Thanks for the guide. We adopted every thing but once We attempt to connect with I’ve got a 500 interior host mistake and a unable for connecting regarding the 8009. The only things we changed where in actuality the users, team users in addition to files. We also installed odoo 10 on both folders.

Please check out the Odoo logs to find out more.

I will be obtaining the exact same problem with mistake 500 when you look at the log it shows psycopg2.OperationalError: FATAL: Peer verification failed for user “odoo10”

if I will be appropriate your guide would be to do the installation on a virtual server, just how do I get about this if I would like to set it up entirely on my ubuntu 16?

You’ll install multiple Odoo circumstances in your host making use of the steps that are same within our guide.

Okay therefore do we skip user@vps_IP that is ssh Create python virtual environment and install all demands?

Additionally if I would like to allow printing in odoo exactly what demand am i supposed to incorporate, as well as just what stage of this installation do i include it?

Yes, you can skip that step if you want to install Odoo on your local Ubuntu machine.

Are you aware that printing, please check always documentation that is odoo’s official additional information.

Hi, Good task, your guide had been very useful. it work with me personally. I’ve installed v8.0 and v11.0 on ubuntu 17.04.

Hi Mohamed, the method that you been able to run odoo11 it require python 3 instead of python 2 Did you modified the script as i know

resolved by changing the under actions

cd /opt/odoo11 virtualenv –python=python3 ./venv source ./venv/bin/activate pip3 install -r demands.txt

additionally caused odoo12

It absolutely was certainly a action that is great action guide.

Please inform me can we’ve two cases of exact same form of Odoo like version 10.

Or Do we are in need of several other action.

You should use the steps that are same same Odoo variation.

We have a concern, this process doesn’t install Nginx? Let’s say i have to allow longpolling or make another modification in Nginx?

If you’re interested in installing Odoo 10 with Nginx, you really need to check always our guide at just how to Install Odoo 10 on Ubuntu 16.04 with Nginx as a Reverse Proxy

Hi, follow your instructions odoo works fine, but dont log that is save are you able to assist me to get the log file please

The trail regarding the log file is defined by the ‘logfile’ choice when you look at the Odoo setup file. Did you check out the path?

Will this be updated for the Odoo 12 variation, since it utilizes Python 3. desire to note that soon, many thanks ahead of time and tutorial that is great.

Yes, we now have intends to publish an article for Odoo 12. Many thanks

use pip2 install -r requirements.txt in the place of pip install -r requirements.txt. pip install doesn’t work during my host. I will be perhaps not making use of environment that is virtual.

We have a server with 6 cases of odoo(6 processes ) however now i’m dealing with rate dilemmas. I have to tune it for multiprocessor. As an example, employee, restriction memory difficult and soft, etc…

I’ve examined numerous blogs and url all provide perfect configure for a instance that is single

I love to know how to set up these parameters for numerous instanes (6 in my own instance)

It is possible to allow multiprocessing on your own Odoo circumstances and tune each Odoo instance individually by modifying the particular Odoo setup file. The sheer number of CPU employees, memory restriction etc. may be various, according to the host resources you wish to allocate every single Odoo instance.

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